Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Noise Machine (05/05/10)

Stay thirsty my friends....

What passes these days for critical analysis in ChronBlog. (It would have been better to call this a paid advertisement and let the reporter make a little extra change on the side.)

Texas A&M dares decide that people committing the civil crime of undocumented entry not be rewarded for such. Cue outrage by immigrant groups.

I wonder, When Con/United CEO Jeff Smisek spoke with the CCTT did he offer assurances they were still loved? Were there tears?

Texas shrimpers, long the targets of progressive, econmental groups, are now the left's poster children for the evils of big oil. Funny how things work.

Perry's critics Bill White's supporters are all over his "possibly it's an act of God" remark, all over it. As is Perry's habit, he's defending his remark which is smart considering many of his "critics" wouldn't know a force majeure if it bit them in their Lilly-white asses.

To his credit, Bill White has a fairly sober, yet admittedly speculative, analysis of the blowout online for all to read. (It's ten pages, and wonky, as White is known to be, and it assumes a lot but, to White's credit, it doesn't take seriously the knee-jerk ecomental contention that we should immediately halt any additional off-shore drilling.)

As the Austin American-Statesman notes: their reactions say a lot about the two potential candidates, each will be trumped up as a positive by their supporters, and as a negative by their opponents. There's fertile ground for a blog post about the upside/downside to each candidate's style, but I'm not sure if I've got the time to pen it. (I'd say there's something to be written about whether or not the RepubliBloggers or the InterLeft are a boon or a drag on a campaign but I don't think enough people pay attention to them to move the needle any either way.)

The artist formerly known as Mrs. White, goes back on the offensive for her (former) man today. And in typical ChronBlog fashion ignores the mounting evidence that Perry made the right call.

Still more on the idiocy born of 'safe' districts and what they portend for the level of political discourse in our State & Country.

And finally.....

Politics makes for strange bedfellows. It's a universal truism regardless of party affiliation.

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