Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Noise Machine (05/19/10)

The "good Lord I have a lot of meetings this morning so this is going to be short" edition.....

There's a fine line between defending Houston and blatantly carrying the water for the White for Texas campaign. Rick Casey of ChronBlog walked over said line long ago. (And he quotes Politifarce, which is like the 'lazy journalist' go-to site for opinion based truthiness.) Good job.

I'm still not clear why two day olds qualifies as must-read 'news'? (Was there any value-add in the ChronBlog piece over the AP piece penned by Jay Root?)

Interesting blog post by Mike McGuff on How TV news can restore it's credibility. Of course, to go along with that you have to assume there was a time they were telling it straight in the first place. More and more we're finding that to not be the case.

Tom Kirkendall on how America is letting slip the basic principles of American justice in it's single-minded pursuit of business crimes. (First they came for the financiers, but I was not a financier so I stayed silent....)

I missed this the other day, but Texas Watchdog has a great report on shoddy workmanship allegedly committed by Sheltering Arms using stimulus funds and the secrecy surrounding the non-profit's work. Go read it.

Sometimes, not often but occasionally, L'il Red gets one right. Today's column on Don McLeroy of the SBOE is one of those times. (Unfortunately, given her track record I'm expecting a stinker of a column her next effort.)

Perry vs. World on the partially released Opinion Analysis poll. You have to wonder just how bad this is for White if this Democratic group is jumping through hoops to keep it from the public?

I'm not sure what the final solution is to the off-shore oil-spill, but I'm pretty sure the answer doesn't lie in creating a new, expensive and unwieldy bureaucracy. (That seems to be the default solution for the "Something! must be done" crowd however.)

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