Sunday, May 23, 2010

Weekend Update (05/23/10)


Metro wants to settle their open records lawsuit. No comment from the group that actually brought the suit in the first place.

Rest in Peace Jose Lima. One of the most colorful Astros ever. His career was pretty much eighty-sixed by the advent of band-box stadiums such as (then) Enron Field.

Can you imagine if a Republican group was working to disenfranchise the elderly? The InterLeft would be breaking out in hives.

Bill White: "Let's keep politics out of eduction." Well, politics with which he disagrees that is. HIS politics (like making this a political talking point in his campaign) are A-OK. (Funny how that works isn't it?*)

Maybe it's just me, but I can't side with folks who are angry about the potential of having to purchase flood insurance when they live on the coast in an area where Hurricanes can (and do) occur.

And finally...

Educated guesses held up as factual proof of case.

*Those who try to say that education isn't about politics, or that they want to remove politics from education, are lying. What they want is for their political view to be featured over those with which they disagree. "Freedom from politics" would be to not teach. Science and history are political after all, especially the former.

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