Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Another log on the "setting the agenda" fire.

Public Policy Polling has the Texas Goober race tied.

Full results (with cross tabs) Here (PDF file)

Rick Perry - 43%
Bill White - 43%
Undecided - 14%

It is fair to say that, if Rasumssen leans right, then PPP leans left. That won't stop people from holding up this attempt to set the agenda as evidence that Rasmussen is trying to set an agenda, but there you go.

I see nothing here to change my mind that what we are seeing is basically party identification based on a different sample using different weighting methodologies. A poll that leans right (Rasmussen) might have a model that overstates the Republican structural advantage. A pool that leans left (PPP) might have a different model that overstates the erosion of said advantage.

It'd be nice if PPP would continue to poll so we have a wider data set.

One final point: When you take into account the margin of error for both pollsters it appears that it's likely Rick Perry is ahead somewhere in the 3-4% range. That's probably fairly accurate right now.

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