Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Noise Machine (06/03/10)

Time off is good.....

Doh! Harris County Sheriff's version 2 or 3 (we keep losing count)

Doh! Houston Metro version.....ah hell who knows with all of the incompetence over at that shop.

Because if American civics has taught us is that lobbyists must have unfettered access to society's Least Common Denominator. (You may have heard them referred to as "elected representatives")

Rick Perry's mad that the EPA is trying to destroy the Texas economy, the Sierra Club is mad that they're not destroying it rapidly enough. (I'm expecting a "friend of the court" briefing from Michigan, California and New York siding with the Sierra Club under the "misery loves company" theory of legal opinion.)

Thank God there are road construction reports like this one. Because if they didn't exist, the InterLeft would have to invent them. (All the better to justify money wasting projects on their side you know. Kind of a "you suck worse than us" race-to-the-bottom approach to local politics. Hey, it works.)

I don't think there's a need to discuss the irony behind light-rail supporters also being the core drivers behind historical preservation rules is there? (I'm reminded of the Classic Steve Martin scene in "The Jerk". "I don't need anything....well...except for this...I need this." New Urbanists: "We need increased density! Uh...well....except can't build here...or here....or over there....or there......")

Wanna job? run for office in a Democratic Primary. See, they TOLD you Obama had a jobs plan.

Which is worse: Losing a job or losing a government benefit? (The answer to that question tells you pretty much what's wrong with America today.)

Call it me, but blowing $105 Million of taxpayer dollars is not a private matter.

And finally....

With November rapidly approaching the InterLeft is engaging in the time-honored political tradition of blaming the messenger. It's good to know that this is still America and the Cult of Personality is still in charge.

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