Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Noise Machine (06/16/2010)

The hurrider I go the behinder I get....

No! No! Shut them ALL down! Curse my metal body, I was too slow. Some people still have jobs. (Where Cornyn and Co. are wrong, of course, is that the ideal is not job destruction (although that will be an unhappy side-effect) but energy-industry nationalization. Well, that and the enrichment of Al Gore and his Democratic donor-investors.*)

Boy I'm glad Kay Bailey is still around to point out the obvious for us. That didn't take much of a deductive leap since Obama basically said as much in his speech. (What do you think "make the dippin' dots green economy competitive means?)

The "miscue" of one reporter and the InterLeft (arrived at 'independently' I'm sure) is really just an idiot in a chicken suit. (Which in and of itself is really sad if you think about it. A chicken suit?? Really? Have we digressed to this point in politics?)

And finally......

When you're terrible...Fluff & Puff (Somewhere there's the spirit of an angry tree that was chopped down so these could be written. The Apple Dumpling Gang rides again.)

*What?!? You thought there wasn't a political angle to all of this? For years the Republicans issued industry-friendly policies to the benefit of the oil & gas industry (large donors to their coffers) and now the worm has turned. It's the greens that are getting the tax credits and government windfalls. Most O&G companies understand this and are just riding out the current storm. Make no mistake about it though, there are many who want to nationalize our energy, just like healthcare.


  1. An interesting point: there is apparently a "connect the dots" going around involving the Administrator, Petrobras, George Soros (and the fact he is a major investor in Petrobras), and their need for many, many drilling rigs - cheap - to allow them to exploit the resources lying off the coast of Brazil.


  2. By "Administrator" I meant "Administration".



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