Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Noise Machine (06/22/10)

Relatively blowout free since 2009.

BlogHouston notes that the CTC Houston's previous label of "citizen's transportation advocacy group" is nowhere near their reality as a smart-growth group with anti-car leanings. The question now: Will they be properly identified as such in Houston's media? ("No" is the safe bet at -350)

No Usted Puede!!!

What if the KIPP schools are just what they say they are? (And what does that say about HISD and the teacher's unions who are saying they're not?)

It looks as if we might have a Speaker's race during the next Lege session. It's like birthday, Christmas and July 4th for Capitol media all rolled into one. (except that, unlike the Holidays, the average citizen isn't going to care. Political blogs should prosper however. There's a LOT of false outrage out there during Speaker's races.)

Meh. (Outside of Lite Gov, is there a less competitive race than this one on the Statewide docket?)

And finally.....

Rick Perry vs. World on....KBH pondering re-election. My guess is she'll go for it if she's promised not to have a credible primary challenger.

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