Monday, June 14, 2010

Sick day sleep-in round up.

My sinuses are full, just like my feed-readers.......

As the battle over the revenue of red light cameras continues Big Jolly (welcome back) wonders how a Republican candidate for office can make a call from a Harris County Republican Party number on behalf of a PAC and not have a "paid by" disclaimer attached to it?

Get ready to vote on $900 Million dollars in new public debt to save the 'Dome. As opposed to $100 Million just to tear the damn thing down.

Color me unimpressed with the newly drafted Texas State Republican Party Platform. It reads anti-Hispanic and anti-logic and is intended to try and preserve the ideal of Dan Patrick that he and a small minority dictate the private activities of its citizens. Much like that of the Democratic Party (and their never-ending war on freedoms) but on the other side of the spectrum. Either way both parties are on the wrong, anti-freedom, path.

Read my lips: No Perry for President. In all honesty I just don't see it. Perry knows that America isn't ready for another Texas Governor in the White House.

Republicans under siege. Old, socially controlling-types losing their grip on things is never pretty to see.

I'll say it again. I see no reason for Perry to debate White. None, whatsoever.

There's certainly no reason for Perry to debate White when the latter is "excited" about a Democratic rally in Austin, the population-center of the Demos in Texas, where less than 500 people bothered to show. Weak.

Texas Watchdog fills in the final (for now) details on the odd case of the RUD in the Woodlands and a band of voters that (illegally, for now) did some creative things to try and infiltrate it. (I still wonder how such an entity can bee allowed to exists, and have taxing authority, without voter input. Wasn't "no taxation without representation" a founding principle of this Country?)

and finally...

Wrong Munisteri's election doesn't matter, or maybe Burka hasn't taken the time to look at the Texas Republican Party Platform?

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  1. I have a pretty good feeling that the ruling in the Woodlands Road Utility District will be overturned. McDuffie et al followed the letter of the law as a number of people have previously. The judge ignored a whole lotta precedent in making his ruling. But he's a "visiting" judge anyway. a "Visiting" judge is a judge that has been shown the door by the voters but is allowed to keep sitting on the bench anyway....


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