Monday, July 19, 2010

I reject your reality.....

...and substitute my own.*

That seems to be the attitude of the Hank Gilbert campaign when they offered up this Tweet:
Over the weekend 3 major newspapers in TX highlighted the Ag Comm race and how I'm holding @Todd_Staples accountable for his failures. #txag
In response to two stories (the "third" article was actually a San-Antonio Express/news content share with ChronBlog).

Given that BOTH of the news stories seemed to suggest that both campaigns have been playing fast and loose with the facts, I'm not sure how Gilbert's conclusion could be reached by any sane person. The Gilbert4Texas amateur chop-shop is not holding anyone accountable, least of all their own internal team of fact-checkers.

And neither campaign is showing any interest in being the least beat accountable to voters. You know, the shareholders that fund all of this mess? Maybe there's a reason this campaign has traditionally flown under the radar? When the citizenry gets to peek behind the curtain they see a drunk good ol' boy picking his nose.

At first I thought @Hank4Texas was a gimmick account. That's not a lie.

* Thanks to The Mythbusters Adam Savage for the tagline

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