Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Noise Machine (07/14/10)

Why are all ecomentalists from urban areas?

It's like AstroWorld, only plus a lot of hihg-minded lecturing and minus all the fun rides. (Welcome to the 21st century amusement park)

Exhibit A: Why perspective is necessary in economic numbers. (May was a terrible month for home prices, one of the worst in history. A better look would be year over year trends for the past five.)

More bad news for Rick Perry, this time in the form of an out-of-money emerging technology fund that his shop reportedly saw coming. (Granted, NOT having this fund {a form of corporate welfare} isn't a bad thing, but letting a pet program run out of funds is never a good thing publicity wise.)

Texas Education: Business tax credits vs. a "five point plan". Guess which Goober hopeful is behind each? (You get three guesses, and the first two don't count.)

Dogs and cats living together. well, sort of. One thing they all agree on is that they know what's best for the mice.

First Wal-Mart, now HEB doesn't meet the Heights faux-chic minimum for doing business. Maybe they should have a review board set up to rate companies? (Q: Do you reguarly overcharge for shit we can get cheaper?) Might as well.

and finally....

Back to a captive audience. (Hey, at this point they're about the only ones that still believe him.)

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