Friday, July 23, 2010

The Noise Machine (07/23/10)


Katz Kloses? At least, the one in Austin....

Katy gets a Pete and Shorty's. Following Sugar Land. Can a minor league team be far behind?

Chet Edwards and Ciro Rodriguez are going to get some help from National Democrats. Sign #1 that they're in trouble. Sign #2 is the Edwards campaign not releasing their internal polling. That can't be good. Still, Edwards has been left for dead before, and is still around. Rodriguez? Not so much.

Talk about your bad two-fers for Democratic candidate for Texas Attorney General Radnofsky. First it's discovered that she gave $1K to Abbott's 2002 election campaign, then it's pointed out that her defense (that Abbott isn't doing now what he campaigned on) isn't really all that true since the guy has always campaigned as an anti-trial lawyer conservative. Ooops.

It's a good thing only non-Democrats disseminate talking points or this Journolist scandal would be a big deal. It's also good that Democrats are the party of the people and not the party of the corrupt rich, icky upper-class as are the Republicans. Yup, I'm glad we've got public minded citizens looking out for us over on that side of the aisle.

The general consensus among Conservative thinkers is that Americans just don't like a free-spending activist government who's going to invade their lives. That's one theory I suppose. My theory is that a majority of Americans are OK with a free-spending, activist Government who's going to give them stuff provided those making more than they get to pay for it. What's really hurting the Democrats right now is not Obama's activist actions, but that Americans are afraid that tax increases on them are the only way to fund them. We've already shown, under Bush & the Patriot Act, that we're willing to give up our personal freedoms in exchange for National Security theater. Now we're showing, under Obama, that we're willing to give up even more economic & healthcare freedom for the promise (if not the actual attainment) of healthcare & financial security.

Conflicts of interest are not conflicts of interest when they can be explained away to a disinterested electorate.

Yes, school vs. transit buses are apples and oranges, but you'd think that an interested Metro would at least pay lip service to doing better on the heels of this Texas Watchdog report showing their bus-fleet costs to greatly out-pace HISD's bus costs. Sadly, that's still not the Metro way. The status-quo is still good enough at Houston's worst ran government entity.

Speaking of Metro, they fired and re-hired the firm behind the controversial real estate contract (at better terms) that Mike Reed of the West University Examiner had reported on. Amazingly, they still don't seem to have a problem with the CFO of the firm also being the VP of Real Estate for their organization. Status quo. (and hey, ChronBlog finally decides to hop on board!)

And finally....

Mike McGuff reports that KIAH 39 is planning something unusual with their newscast. If you think you could do the job, go apply. (The old CW was that, if 39 had the resources, they could have been a news powerhouse. This was before they decided that big billboards with newscasters featuring come-hither poses was the wave of the future. Now it appears they're abandoning that failure thank goodness.)

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