Monday, July 12, 2010

Not THOSE People!!!

Thank you to the good folks at the Stop the (sorta near the)Heights Wal-Mart!! Facebook group for keeping the humor quotient high.

Gilbert Joseph Perez:
What's all this talk about how they can make this Wal-Mart look? Who Cares!!! We don't want itin the Heights... We don't want the traffic... We don't want their noisy 18 wheelers.. We don't like what they represent... We don't like their nasty parking lots with used disposable diapers rolled up in a ball everywhere...... Don't want them takingaway business from our small neighborhood businesses... WE don't want to become "Anywhere USA"... Why is that so hard to understand?
Nope, don't want those dirty people (read: poor folks) with their dirty diapers messing up the Heights!!!

Marcy Claypool Perry:
Just a thought why isn't Walmart looking at the North West Mall as a location for their store? IMHO it is a far better location for that type of store.
Could that be because NorthWest mall is in an area that is more economically depressed?

Debbie Montgomery:
No, Walmart and the problems they attract are not welcome at Yale and Center Street. If you want to be frightened drive out to the one near 290 and Tidwell. Garbage, garbage and more garbage.
Since there's nothing "frightening" about trash one has to suppose that the talk is about "Human trash" or....those not sophisticated enough to live in the Heights....

Melissa Navarro:
Walmart ruins small businesses and isn't classy enough for the Heights. Save it for the burbs.
Heh....kind of says it all about them doesn't it?

Jackie Burdisso:
There is only one person and maybe one of her friends that probably are so excited that this Wal*Mart might open in the heights.....mindless fools
Whose mindless? The pack animal or the animal that dares break away from the pack?

Thank you Heights residents. Please keep 'em coming about the Wal*Mart that's possibly going to be built somewhere NEAR the Heights.

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  1. Actually, if the locals in the Heights want to send a message to Wal-Mart, all they have to do is *refuse to shop there*. So WHAT if Wal-Mart builds a new store: simply continue shopping at your local, "small neighborhood businesses" and, if WM doesn't get enough business to keep the store open, they'll close it and move elsewhere.

    (BTW, I practice what I preach. I *do* SLGT, choosing to support local vendors where I can. No one is forcing me at gunpoint into WM, or any other national chain. OTOH, sometimes I patronize a local outlet of a national chain; after all, those stores provide local jobs, as well.)



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