Friday, July 16, 2010

Of money, real issues and comedy. (UPDATED)

It's that time that political wonks love....Financial reporting TIME!!!

Goober: Bill White has the overall funds edge over Perry and he raised slightly more as well. As you would expect, this has supporters giddy. The important thing to note is that both candidates are raking it in and both should have plenty of money for the inevitable bad television commercials that are going to start playing in September.

Harris County Judge: If there was ever any doubt that this race was going to be a runaway, this just about settles it. If Quan gets 40% of the vote it should be considered a success for him. Condolences to him for his recent surgery, and here's hoping he makes a full recovery, but this race is over.

Others: Here. Of note: Dewhurst has $3.5 Million and Chavez-Thompson $136,000. Uhhh...ok? Apparently not many outside of the true believers of the InterLeft are fired up about her campaign either. Which raises a question: Does it hurt or help your cause to support a candidate because of party affiliation despite the fact that you've gone and nominated a bad candidate? Harris County Republicans seem to be looking down the barrel of that same question (albeit on a smaller scale) in the race for Harris County District Clerk.


Staples has 10x the dough of Gilbert. (One wonders how his excuse is acceptable (not fund-raising due to family issues) while Perry's excuse (having to spend money on a primary fight) is spin?)

In the matter of Abbott vs. Radnofsky...Abbott by a landslide.

What we have is the answer to the question: Just how weak WAS the Texas Democratic Party under card? Very.

Perspective: While all of this is going on and politicians are giving stump speeches about "fighting for Texans" there are many people in the area who are hungry and the food banks have a shortage.

I leave it up to you to decide what is more important and donate accordingly. I'll be writing a check to the food bank.

Evidence for the Food Bank: Giving money to politicians means donating to people like this:

Enjoy your Friday.

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  1. As much as I *despise* Nancy Pelosi as Speaker, at least that role isn't held by SJL!




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