Saturday, July 3, 2010

The only group with a lower approval rating than Perry...

....tries to do Bill White a solid?

The bigger question, will this work?

Of course, the offical line from this, the one that will be sent out to the InterLeft for use in their blogs, will be that this is being done "for the children"*. That Perry's budget malfeasance is nothing more than an attempt to strip Texas children of their God-given right to Federal funds. It's a tactic that's guaranteed to play well with their base, and is why many Democrats feel Perry is unfit to govern at ANY level. If you're a true believer in the Democratic cause you've already seen all you need to see.

That's why I'm not writing about you. I'm also not writing about Perry's supporters (the infamous 39%) that plurality of Texans who have no expectations for Perry, but who support him (almost blindly) because he's right on the "key issues".

What I'm curious about are the 25% of Texans who survive in the middle of the political spectrum. Those of us who are accused of "standing for nothing" by the likes of Sen. Dan Patrick because we don't always stand with him. For many of those people, their opinion of Congress is lower than their opinion of Perry. I understand that, for Democrats, this is a key issue that leads to your frustration toward Texans. How in the world can these rubes NOT cast a vote against someone who refuses to roll out Mrs. White's catapult and hurl money at the problem of schools?

Ironically, this is a message that large majorities typically support locally, passing huge bond issues by comfortable margins despite opposition by the 39%. The question is whether or not using Congress to forward this argument is wise? Is it a winnable strategy in November?

Given that Bill White is trying to flee from the policies of Obama (holding himself up as a "common sense fiscal conservative") you almost have to say no. I'm not sure if the US Congress is the most effective campaign tool for Bill White to try and use to dismantle Perry's support.

*The view of HCA is that no legislation is passed absent political purposes. There's nothing forwarded by either party that's not designed (in part) to payback political support or court votes from a certain class.

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