Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Other people's money

The Apple Dumpling Gang has never met a big, debt producing, spending project from the Development lobby that they didn't like. Their history is one of calling for monetary expenditure without counting the cost, or the ability of Houston area residents to pay for it. It's no surprise then, that they love Ed Wulf's development landscaping improvement plan but don't mention that it's going to cost in excess of $500 Million or that the City and County are currently struggling to make ends meet.

Nope. Armed with their newly-found exclamation points and numbered-list editorial writing style it's full speed ahead for gang members without thought of piddly things such as budgets and fiscal reality etc.

The ADG's real problem is that they lack the ability to think critically about a plan and offer up tempered, reasoned alternatives that might work. It's either rah! rah! or boo! from this iteration of the Ed board, often to the detriment of the product.

Sadly, I've been writing about the Chron's editorial board for almost six years now, from back at the original Isolated Desolation blog, through Lose an eye, it's a Sport and now in the Harris County Almanac. I've followed this group of know-nothings down a long path of decline from the Ed Board, to Mrs. White, to the Artist formerly known as Mrs. White, to the ChronBlog Caucasian Think-Tank to The Apple Dumpling Gang. Just when I thought it couldn't get any worse, it did and does.

I've often said that, in writing about something (or someone) my hope is that they would, over time, show improvement. Unfortunately my diagnosis with ChronBlog is that they are a terminal case. No amount of cajoling, hoping, or outright mocking is going to result in a newspaper that Houstonians can be proud of. We're just going to be stuck with ChronBlog. Until they finally merge with the San Antonio Express/News and Houstonians tune out completely instead of mostly.

There's nothing else to talk about concerning ChronBlog, the Apple Dumpling Gang, L'il Red etc.

I'm done.

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