Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Get this narrative straight....

The Anti Wal*Mart groups, strung together on shoe-string budgets, railing about "keeping THOSE people out" and horrified at the thought of racism in the suburbs, are a group of "concerned citizens" only looking to ensure the pastoral quality of life in the Heights.

In other words: Old South Conservatives*.

The Wal*Mart however, is an evil conglomeration of minority shoppers and *gasp* people who look different and don't wear designer labels. They're working to destroy the fabric of Middle America and have our children co-mingle with children who's parents buy Geranimals for them to wear instead of Polo for Kids.

Ruffians all.

Those video reports of the anti-Wal*Mart meetings have been whiter than a Tea Party gathering. The main difference being that the Anti Wal*Mart-ers signs have been spelled correctly. Which just goes to show that the Caucasian wings of both parties have something in common. What that is we leave up to you to decide.

Until then: The Revolution will be fought with half-truths on websites!!!

(And ChronBlog will always be there to set the proper narrative, and identify the good guys for 'ya)

*Out-manned, out-gunned, out-monied, and back @ home in the Democratic Party?

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