Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Noise Machine (08/17/10)

Just the facts ma'am....

Get your story straight. Otherwise you look dishonest.

OK, is Houston going to be World Class because we'll now have a dedicated classical music station or do we slip on the World Classiness scale because we're losing indie-rock college radio? I never can keep up with the moving scale.

Professional Wal-Mart "killers" are lurking about. Of course, OUR grassroots group has no connection to them.

Imagine that, A positively perfect Apple review from the ChronBlog's tech shop. What's next? An anti-death penalty editorial?

Sales Tax Holiday this weekend. Time to watch people freak out over saving 8.25%.

The new "Lawrence Marshall Clobber Line?"

And finally.....

Texas Watchdog has more on that voter fraud some swear isn't happening.

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