Monday, August 16, 2010

The obvious problem is....

('Gang safety zones' growing in Texas, Cindy Horswell, ChronBlog)
Those enjoined are not only barred from committing crimes but also from associating with each other, going out in public after 9 p.m. or possessing a cell phone in a car. Then there are prohibitions against predictable gang activity: wearing gang clothing, making gang signs or possessing aerosol paint cans.

...Not everyone wearing a red cap or carrying an aerosol paint can around is a member of a gang, and you're relying on the restraint of local authorities to ensure they are.

That's a real problem (if you haven't been paying attention to the overcriminalization of American society lately.)

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  1. Not to mention that spray painting gang signs on buildings and committing other crimes are already illegal anyway. Does putting yet another layer of illegality on top of it do any good? That is like banning guns in schools and other buildings, it is already illegal to kill someone, do you really think that someone who is willing to gamble his very life that he won't get caught gives a crap about a class B misdemeanor?


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