Sunday, August 29, 2010

What if.....

.....the "so-called" American fuel for the Mexican drug cartel problem was really not just the Caucasian-American issue it's been played out to be? Could that mean America's not entirely at fault like progressives say it is? In that vein, could that lead to some sensible talk on the whole drug issue? (Not holding my breath)

.....the burning of a warehouse containing the Harris County Voting E-slates was conducted by a Democratic operative* to allow the InterLeft to jump all over Harris County Clerk Kauffman when she discussed the only possible option for holding the upcoming election (less polling places, etc.) as being part of a grand vote-suppression scheme in order to lessen Bill White's support in what is expected to be his electoral base? (See just how easy it is to engage in silliness? Keep that in mind when you read moon-battery from the InterLeft on this. Harris County Republicans can't plan a budget, do you really think they could pull off a complicated scam such as this?)

.....the Bill White Texas Tribune just went ahead and admitted their bias? Wouldn't journalism be better off? (Amazing how "controversy" for Republicans always seems to stem from speaking with them isn't it? Much easier to avoid when you're being fed soft-ball questions. It's like Fox News, with the parties reversed, on a State level.)

....the reaction to EVERY thing that goes wrong wasn't the suggestion that what's needed to fix it is an expensive government program? (For the most part this problem could have been fix by proper kitchen sanitation and cooking one's eggs to the proper temperature.)

*And no, before someone from the InterLeft gets their panties in a bunch, I DON'T believe this was carried out by one of you. Nor do I believe your wild-eyed theories that the Republicans did it in an effort to suppress votes. Both ideas are equally silly.

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