Monday, September 27, 2010

And so it goes....

(h/t: BlogHouston)

Lone Star Times, the original, planned "news counter" to the "liberal voice" of the Houston Chronicle announced it's shuttering today. It's done, kaput, finis, etc.

And that's too bad....

Yes, I was viscerally disliked by many on their staff (Hey Squawk!!) and was persona non-grata on their comment threads, but I still thought they should have had a larger role framing the debate in Harris County. Their biggest problem was, from the outset, they never spent their time & resources on....Harris County.

From the outset (excluding the Chronically Biased era) LST was a National blog at heart. Those are good for chest-thumping and some entertaining photo-shops, but if your goal is to counter the (former) local newspaper of record then you better have the local angle down pat. They didn't, nor did they ever really seem to have much interest in doing so.

Not that they are to blame for this. It's my belief that Republicans as a whole don't "do" local. Where the Tea Party has messed up is that they're focusing on spending at a Federal level only. Where's the TP rally against City and County finances?

I'll be honest and admit I haven't checked up on LST for around a year. So it was a surprise to me when I saw that they were closing down. Otherwise I'd have a better obituary to write for them.

I will say this: The staffers that remained there after Sen. Patrick abandoned the project were dedicated and loyal to their beliefs, they worked hard, posted with heart and humor and did everything they could do to keep that site running as long as they could. In the end it's hard to say that they made any difference, but they did make us laugh.

Kudos to them for that.

If you were an LST fan here's a list of where the contributors have gone, and how you can keep up with (some) of them in the future....


Hamous (and others)

Ree-C?? (maybe)

David Jennings (BigJolly)


As I find more links I'll update them here.

Courtesy of Kevin Whited (Another CB/LST alum {linked to in the post}): Rorshach

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