Monday, September 6, 2010

The Noise Machine (09/06/2010)

Working hard on Labor Day so you don't have to.....

"I'll care for you like I care for my family...." Yikes.

Hint: If your profile of a local mid-level bureaucrat uses the phrase "Renaissance man" to describe the subject, you've officially moved away from un-biased journalism and into the realm of PR. (This fluff piece was so sicky-sweet it should have come with a warning for diabetics) Houston has no newspaper of record. The "no media" experiment is here.

Corporate donation trends reveal a lot about where the upcoming election is likely to go. It's like smart money in Vegas.

What is it about the number 10 in journo pieces written during slow news cycles? Is there a class on this in journo-school?

If it's a landslide election in Ohio it's going to be a landslide election Nationwide. This is shaping up to be a loss of historic proportions for Democrats.

Different day, same doomed spending plans. (It's almost as if they've totally run out of ideas, and are now just re-packaging the same ingredients in different shapes, much like Olive Garden's stuffed-pasta specials.)

The Mighty Wizard calls on labor to stop living in the past, and start helping private sector workers in the present. The cash cow has been identified as public-sector unions, so I doubt we'll see anything along those lines. Good blog post however.

And finally.....

Aren't happy with Obama? the problem is most-likely with you not his bad policies. Such is the liberal condensation that ensures bloggers like Unca' Darrell will keep banging out quality media crit.

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  1. I just wonder if that $50B will be reserved for "shovel-ready" projects. Oh, no, wait... that was the *last* spending boondoggle... err, "economic recovery plan", wasn't it?



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