Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Noise Machine (09/22/10)

It's just a little bit of history repeating.....

Kathy Glass a player? Bill White's campaign team truly hopes so. (I don't see her mattering much. Libertarians have received less than 1% of the popular vote in the last two Gubernatorial elections according to the Secretary of State. Even IF Glass triples that, it won't have a material effect on the race.)

HISD defendes in the face of all evidence. Of course, it's not that the teachers don't want a cash bonus, it's that they want a bonus that's not tied to their performance, one they don't have to do extra for. Which, when you think about it, runs counter to the meaning of "bonus" doesn't it? (To be fair, this type of thinking, that workers are "entitled" to a bonus, is rampant in our society now. It's not just the teachers.)


Big news on the horse front today. Sam Houston Race Park is getting a new ownership partner and they're gamers. In related news, make sure to read Unca Darrell's overview of what's wrong with the industry as a a whole. As a long-time horse racing fan, even I'm not naive enough to think that slots are going to cure what ails the industry. They have to do a better job marketing their core product.

Tory Gattis writes on democracy vs. freedom and makes a fairly compelling case for the latter. (Unless you're a member of the "smart" set, who want their type of democracy. You know, the type that results in them forcing others to do what they want them to do.)

Jim Sharp has stepped in it. Good luck with that. "Rule one of the InterLeft is that you don't speak ill of Matt Angle's selections." (Amen)

And finally......

Give Bill White this: He's the master of the non-committal answer chock full of vague declarations & vision. (Translation: He knows how to talk a lot without saying anything. That's a key skill for a politician.)

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