Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Noise Machine (09/28/10)

Give us this day.......

Know your enemy? This doesn't surprise me, since Atheists (at least, the militant) spend most of their time ripping apart arguments they don't believe in. This requires intensive study. (Those against are frequently more driven than those for. See: Politics)

On the heels of his campaign bemoaning Rick Perry's use of "attack" ads, the Bill White campaign is about to receive some National Democratic help in the form of...well...attack ads. (This is pretty much the norm for this preaching to the choir campaign which has also created a tool to allow supporters (and campaign staffers) to write letters to newspaper editors and then trumped up letters to the editor in newspapers as proof growing numbers of Texans are behind them.)

Meanwhile, an increasingly confident Perry is looking to expand his influence nationally. (This has all the earmarks of a boring race going into November.)

The debate that won't happen will happen. Sorta. It's going to be Bill White vs. the also-rans in a forum Perry can spin to his advantage fairly easily. (How hard will it be to say "Bill White isn't ready for prime time" after these debates?) With Perry looking more and more a likely winner, expect the media "Oh Noes!! We must save our shrinking credibility" machine to kick into full gear.

Deny, deny, deny and then, after you've resigned, make money on the lecture circuit or in lobbying. It's the Washington way. (And my guess would be it's what Bernice-Johnson is looking forward to)

The jobs Americans won't do. I always wonder how many anti-illegal-immigrant folks mow their own lawns? And yes, if you're wondering, I mow my own, but I did use a service for trimming my trees. (Although I'm not anti-illegal-immigrant. I say find a way to get them working legally but not necessarily with a "path to citizenship") Which many of them don't want

Imagine that, Accountability based on results. The teachers unions have to be herniating right about now.

Call them Pay for speed lanes. (Think about it.)

Another Anti-corporate oil story from the former newspaper of record in the energy capitol of America. I wonder how much money trial lawyers, unions, their various PAC's and associations have paid for access? (Or why said payments aren't a story?)

and finally....

Don't look for a Gulf oil rebound any time soon.

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