Sunday, September 19, 2010

Weekend Update (09/19/10)


This is the sound of inevitability.

So, according to the Apple Dumpling Gang the change Texas needs is a Governor who appointed the people who hired Frank Wilson who ran Metro into a debt hole, who left Houston with a large budget shortfall due to sketchy spending priorities, and who had a habit of making leadership decisions that catered to special interests (the infamous letter of support for Houston Pavilions), developer friends (the Uptown eminent domain scandal), moneyed campaign donors (The Ashby High-Rise often at the expense of the most helpless among us? (The Center Serving Persons with Mental Retardation.) Both Perry and White are candidates with warts. What's amazing to me is that the editorial board for the only newspaper (NOT the newspaper or record, Houston doesn't have one) in town chooses to ignore the warts of one because of some crazy personal grudge against the other. That's not exactly "reporting in the public interest" is it now?

Putting aside the faults of the Apple Dumpling Gang (and their are many) this is the earliest endorsement I've ever seen from them. Typically they wait until closer to election time. What's also telling is that most of their complaints seem related to the fact that Rick Perry wouldn't speak to them. Poor babies. There was never any doubt that the Apple Dumpling Gang was going to endorse Bill White, nor was there any doubt that they would do such a bad job doing it.

The irony of the above is that it comes on the same day ChronBlog takes a look at Metro's financial malfeasance.

The problem with this Goober race is that both candidates represent the worst of Texas politics. Perry is an entrenched incumbent whose used his time in office to build up a personal fiefdom while Bill White is a member of the ruling class with below average governing ability. Whoever wins, we all lose.

Tragedy Share the road with bikers people....They have the same right to the roads as you & your car. Condolences to the family.

Congratulations to Texas breweries St. Arnold & Real Ale for their big wins at the Great American Beer Festival. To celebrate I'm going to go drink some. You should as well.

Perry to White: Run for Comptroller.

Funny stuff from a funny race.

And finally.....

Cooper and Riddle sitting in a tree....

Get a room you two.

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