Friday, September 10, 2010

What's missing......(Part II)

...From today's ChronBlog story by Joe Holley on the emerging political battle over Metro?

Try Wolff's being one of White's largest campaign donors during his runs for Mayor. Fortunately the Statesman picked up on that.

If Houston had anything resembling credible political media they would have picked up on it as well. When you consider one of White's biggest (and most effective) campaign tactics against Perry is the latter's rewarding of campaign donors with government appointments (sometimes with unfortunate consequences) that little factoid might be relevant to the story.

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  1. Why havent White's pension fund activities received more attnetion? It is said that he gave significant retirement benefits to the unionized employees in order to avoid wage increases that imperiled his budget. Apparently these funds are greatly underfunded thanks to Bill's stewardship.


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