Friday, October 8, 2010

The Noise Machine (10/08/10)

Mustering up the Rohirrim.....

A challenge to down-ballot Democrats. Of course, it's only "dirty tricks" and "unacceptable" when the other team is doing it.

"At this point, I don't see anything White can do." - Ouch.

What happens when the Beltway set glances at flyover Country is never very pretty (or all that useful). Such is the case in this look at the Gubernatorial race that tries too hard to create a slug-fest that just isn't there.

Contrast that with this Politico piece that offers a much better look at the race.

(Then ask yourself why traditional newspapers are falling way behind the upstart online news outlets. I think the answer is fairly obvious by now.)

Signs Perry isn't taking Bill White seriously, either that or his heart just isn't in this race? This was a pretty bush-league blunder that led, fortunately for Perry, to a fairly harmless, bush-league accusation.

If nothing else, White should help Houston Democrats. Possibly even Harris County Democrats, but I imagine his negatives will outweigh the positives once the areas outside the City are taken into account.

Chet, Chet, Chet.... Internal polls? He's done.

There are many different ways to campaign. At the heart of it though, it all amounts to promising people stuff if they cast a vote for you.

The most telling part of this story is that the Houston Police Officer's Union (and the firefighters unions) endorsed Perry.

OK, WD-40's is one of the few clever things the State Republican Party has ever done. Good campaigning.

and finally.....

Kudos to the Tribune for finding a new way to have a Goober candidate forum instead of just griping about there being no debate. (See above, why online news outlets are kicking the crap out of traditional newspapers)

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