Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Noise Machine (10/13/10)

On a nine-hour delay today.......

I told you this "don't debate" thing would catch on....Now that it looks as if Perry is going to win comfortably expect the mass-media debate to become an ever-growing dinosaur.

Here comes the Speaker's race. And we don't even have a full house yet. (My prediction: Straus hangs on - barely)

I'm not sure that quoting a Medina spokesperson is the best place to get insight on Rick Perry's campaign. Call it me.

NPR asks: Is Texas tired of Rick Perry? Which, when you think about it, is just the type of meaningless rhetorical questions the media likes to ask as it gets close to election day and their chosen candidate is trailing in the polls. A better question is this: Has Texas totally tuned out it's political media? (They might as well given this poor quality of analysis.)

How poor? Politifarce wastes 960 words worth of space to basically say We have no idea? and then cover it up be calling it "Half True". If there's a final nail in the coffin of the mainstream Texas political media, it's Politifarce.

Meanwhile: Texas Watchdog refuses to insult it's readers intelligence and provides direct length's to the Harris County Commissioner's 2010 ethics forms. The thought being you're smart enough, if driven, to understand it yourself and that you don't need some j-school burn-out to tell you Candidate X failed to dot an i.

And finally.....

If Bill White had a chance (or if the Perry camp thought he had a chance) this story would be all over the airwaves. That it's not tells you everything you need to know about Perry's lead. (My early prediction was Perry by six or seven, it's looking more and more that I was low-balling his chances. To be fair: I also thought White would run a better campaign. That said, one thought KBH would as well....At some point people are going to have to give credit to Perry's camp rather than taking it away from his opponent. He's a hard guy to run against.)

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