Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Noise Machine (10/19/10)

26K on the first day of early voting in Harris County.....

Still more on the coming problems in the Gulf. (I still haven't found a good projection on why this is a big deal, and what the consequences (spikes in energy prices, an energy supply increasingly reliant on foreign sources) will be. The media is missing that boat.)

Early voting goes to the suburbs and, by extension, the Tea Party, according to this analysis from David Jennings.

Poll Watcher is the new election demon. Interesting that Birnberg of the HCDP is making some leaps that Ryan and others are not willing to make re: King Street Patriots. It'd be funny if the offending poll watchers were Demo operatives. (Although, at this point, there's no evidence of who it is, only unconfirmed reports. The HCDP is already setting the "anti KSP" narrative however. It appears that ChronBlog is biting.)

Bob Perry gives $3.5 Million to the RGA. Still no word on how much Mostyn has donated to the DGA. (When that surfaces, expect the selective outrage to follow)

Another paper breaks for Perry. Well, sorta. In conservative West Texas however it's not like the MRT had much of a choice.

Farouk! Farouk! Farouk is on fire! Fueling speculations that he was a plant candidate all along.

Old habits die hard. Especially amongst the media, who can't shake their mis-held belief that the NY Times is still the most important news outlet in America. The Trib could have been so much more, they're settling for being the small child jumping up and down in class with their hand raised hoping to garner the attention of the aging school marm. (They could have been more content-wise as well, but that's a different story)

One candidate has made his closing argument, one candidate has not.

Related: One candidate is in the other's back yard, one is shoring up the base.

(Now guess which one is winning)

When the story begins "Nine months into the Texas governor's race, and with early voting now underway, Bill White finally has found his voice." You've got problems.

$3 Million raised and spent in a House contest. That's right, a House contest. Wow.

"Mark White" Not a good sign for the Bill White campaign.

And finally....

Before you go cast your vote for/against Proposition 1 make sure you read This Tom Kirkendall piece about opportunity costs. You're doing yourself a disservice if you don't.

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