Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Noise Machine (10/20/10)

Oh boy.....

David Jennings takes a look at early voting Day 2. It's still very high, and a majority is still outside the Beltway.

Hint: If you're trying to unleash an October surprise, make sure that the following phrase doesn't apply:
but an outside investigation last year found no wrongdoing.
If that doesn't work, hope that an uncurious media will bang out a column that's sympathetic toward you. It still won't work, but hey.....

(You've got to give White and ChronBlog credit for trying, but this campaign hasn't shown the ability to make any noise outside of the (increasingly vulgar) echo chamber. This won't change that at all.)

Watch those poll watchers! Out of "twenty" cases of alleged voter intimidation the HCDP provides details of just two? Obviously the goal with all of this is to lay the groundwork for legal challenges to close races, not to actually get at the King Street Patriots or Green Party as they're saying. (The idea is to cast doubt on the democratic model, then sue, sue sue.)

At the debate no-one outside of the echo chamber watched, White slammed Perry then he balked at answering a question about Obama, then (apparently) he lost a debate to two political light-weights, partially due to his inability to provide short, direct answers to questions. (That's bad.) Good for the smaller party candidates however. I guess. (When you consider the amount of audience interest I'm willing to bet most undecided voters walked away saying "Meh" and will either skip the race or vote straight ticket.)

Houston's looking for a Federal Lobbyist. Bill White's going to have some free time soon.

This kind of changing voter demographic story might be interesting and relevant in any other election. This looking more and more like a tidal wave election however analysis like this is pretty meaningless. (Maybe in 2012 it'd be wise to revisit it however.)

And finally.....

I give you, The most biased lede EVER....
The vast Koch Industries-led cabal of GOP donors, free-market ideologues and titans of industry is real
This is important because the American Independent is increasingly being used as a straight news source by the echo chamber as the main source for Colorado Model accusations. The American Independent is the NewsMax of the Left.

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