Monday, October 25, 2010

The Noise Machine (10/25/2010)

Could use some rain......

ChronBlog gives us some news "analysis" today with dueling portraits of both Bill White (Successful Mayor, would've cured cancer in Houston but was term-limited) and Rick Perry (Who's Eeeevil and wants to eat the children of the poor.)

I feel sorry for reporters who have to churn out opinion pieces such as these under the direction of the newspaper's leadership. Bill White's not sorry however. I would imagine he, and his supporters are pretty happy. Especially since Houston is emerging as quite the battleground.

Another poll, another downer for Democrats.


(It's almost as if, instead of researching a real political column, Casey just decided to spend a couple minutes re-writing Politifarce and mailed it in. ChronBlog's Op/Ed writing is an embarrassment to Houston.)

San Antonio Express-News/ChronBlog Austin reporter Peggy Fikac polls the usual Democratic consultants and gets a pretty consistent message: (Bill White's done. He needs a miracle)

Amazingly, as early voting is almost 1/2 over, the big newspapers are finally deciding to do some campaign reporting:

The Dallas Morning News looks at how each candidate might approach the TxDOT issue

The Austin American-Statesman takes a gander at SafeClear

And the San Antonio Express-News revisits Rick Perry's now infamous "$2,000 savings" claim.

(This is all reporting that should have been done long before this. Texas Media has done Texans a disservice by failing to take a long look at Bill White's tenure as Houston Mayor and (to a much lesser extent) Rick Perry's tenure as Texas Governor.

A lot of stuff today on so-called outside political money. One thing interesting, those who are making the most noise are often benefiting from 'outside' money and have been for quite some time. (We all like to pick n' choose our bad guys after all)

Speaking of money, Tom Pauken accuses the Back to Basics PAC of being less than truthful when it comes to Texas' economy.

Water is the new pollution.

Don't forget about that budget short-fall. It's going to loom big over the next Lege session.

Tough year for moderates.

I guess you will have Tom DeLay to kick around for a while.

And finally.....

The continued devolution of the Press' local and state coverage is painful to watch.

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