Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Question of Politicking.

Here's one....

One of the main complaints against King Street Patriots by the Harris County Democratic Party is that they're "using a non-profit corporation to conduct a de-facto political operation on behalf of Republicans".

I point this out because, today, Planned Parenthood of Houston and Southeast Texas Inc. released their 2010 Election Endorsements and the endorsed candidates are *gasp* ALL DEMOCRATS.

They even missed the obvious by endorsing Gordon Quan over Ed Emmett.

Which raises the obvious questions: Is Planned Parenthood conducting de-facto political activity for the Democratic Party while operating as a non-profit?

If so, will this be reported with the same vigor by Texas' lazy political media as the KSP/HCDP story?

One thing I know for sure, the echo chamber of the InterLeft won't have the same outrage over PP as they are mustering up over KSP, although the right's echo chamber might. They LOVE a good anti-PP story dontcha know. Despite their silence I'm going to use a closer from the sexiest* member of the InterLeft:

Stay tuned.....

*You can come back whenever Slampo....just sayin.

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  1. Loren Jackson should reject the Planned Parenthood endorsement.

    A few of his most experienced clerks handle the cases in which a minor girl asks a judge if she can get an abortion without asking her parents.


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