Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Noise Machine (11/11/10)


Starting off with a note for bosses everywhere. Treat 'em right.

This is the sound of political desperation. After the mid-term shellacking you knew this was imminent.

I wonder if Steve Mostyn was at this meeting? He dumped a ton of cash into the election after all and has zilch to show for it.

On another front: How to handle this story from a "news-ish" perspective courtesy of Jesse Zwick writing for the American Independent:
It looks like the left-wing independent spending infrastructure, long moribund, is starting to show its first signs of new life.
Independent? Hardly, coordinated is more like it. Just as all of those conservative 527 organizations are parroting the R message.

Imagine that: Poor disclosure surrounding the stimulus. Nah, that could NEVER happen.

Bad Radio-gate? And where the hell is our classical station?

If you listen to some, the cause of the Democrats downfall was, in part, those damn, greedy Democrats.

Your Ooops! moment of the day.

Full of ambition and ready to...... Well, OK, so they don't really know what they're going to do yet, but hey....they're ambitious! Right?

To quote Houston's sexiest blogger: Good. It's a bad planned designed on dodgy science.

Fight! Fight! At least it's not boring.

Glory, Glory Hallelujah! Their truth is marching on. Or something like that.

The return of the Republicans to power. With Texas getting a nice boost as well. (Which will, hopefully, put an end to the "if you would have only voted the right way you wouldn't be getting screwed" meme) Or not, calling voters ignorant is the new campaign yard sign.

Note to the students staging hunger strike: Many of the people who oppose the DREAM act would consider your demise to be a good start. Just sayin'. (Either that or they'll call for ICE to go and round you up.)

There already IS a ban on texting and driving. It's called distracted driving laws. If police would enforce those.....

And finally,

For all of the talk about Texas dirty energy, we sure have a lot to teach the Chinese about how to get at it cleanly.

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