Monday, November 15, 2010

The Noise Machine (11/15/10)

Slightly abbreviated this morning.....

You have to give it to Chronblog, they've got political fluff down to a science.

Happy 50th Houston Baptist University.

The Texas Tribune (Now, with even MORE eye-wear!) provides us with this look at the two GOP's in Texas courtesy of Ross Ramsey. The whole idea is a little ridiculous, considering that both parties have major factions within that are constantly in a fight for ideological supremacy. Still, it matches the InterLeft narrative that the GOP is continually infighting and not focused on the 'people's business'. (What, you don't see the same thing going on with the Nancy Pelosi/minority leader spat?)?

And Texas shall lead them.....

Yeah, but Robin Hood always gave to the poor.

Ed Hubbard takes a peek at the race for Texas Speaker of the House. It seems that Straus has committed the unforgivable sin. He tried to get things done in a Lege that was almost 50/50.

Charles Kuffner looks at straight-party voting and the City Propositions. And comes to the conclusion that....well, to be truthful I don't really know. At the end he suggests that the under vote didn't have much of an effect on the Prop outcomes, but he hedges a lot in the body of his post.

and finally.....

Have W will protest. *sigh*

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