Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Noise Machine (11/16/10)

Hoo boy.....

HISD is dipping its toes into the single-gender campus well. Good luck with that.

Wait, I thought it wasn't about revenue? So how come all of the concerns are about revenue now?

No, MORE belt-tightening, MORE dangit!!!! Suck it in fellas.

Kirk Watson vs. David Dewhurst. Dewhurst does a good early job of making Watson look like he's grandstanding.

It's Not that tough of a decision Ms. Hutchison. Retire and save yourself from an embarrassing defeat in the primary. (Unless she thinks the primary defeat to Rick Perry wasn't all that damaging to her politically.)

How close is Mexico to becoming a failed state? It's hard to tell from our media reports, (most of them pushing an agenda) but it has to be pretty close. (Which begs the questions: What is our Government doing about it? Or, more accurately, what CAN they do?)

Rep. Fred Brown is going after the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board. I'd be very surprised if the check scratchers at UT-Austin and aTm-College Station let him succeed.

And finally.....

The idea that pension funds are not Ponzi schemes destined to fall is taking on more and more water.

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  1. As near as I can tell Mexico has been a failed state for some time. The only thing that has kept it from falling completely to anarchy has been illegal immigration combined with remittances from illegals sending money home to relatives.

    I'm not so sure we are doing Mexico a favor by allowing illegal immigration to continue unabated. If we were to close the border and bottle up mexico's population, we would in fact bring matters to a head. The downside is that the mexican populace is disarmed and cannot fight effectively whereas the drug cartels are well armed. I'm afraid the Cartels may end up owning the country outright if that were to come to pass.


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