Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Noise Machine (11/18/10)

Chamber of Commerce weather.....

Straus speaks on a local Conservative blog. (Bypassing ChronBlog FWIW)

Bad Religion. (And the bad politicians that are suddenly decrying it.)

Whoops. Although, the way the media coverage has slanted on this case, it's hard to tell if this is really a big deal or no.

Imagine that, public universities running themselves like a business....(Instead of a playground for those who couldn't succeed in the private sector?)

It's been a long time since Houston has seen its mayor take a defeat on such a public issue. Bill White used to handle this behind the scenes. (There's real evidence that Mayor Parker is losing the respect of City Council)

Make it stop! (Alternative title: The continuing decline of newspaper media.)

More on Lost revenues for Houston from a program that's (ostensibly) all about safety.

On that note: The Texas taxpayer burden and your share of it. Yikes.

One of the problems of living in a "safe" political district is that you have to put up with shenanigans like this from your elected officials. Dan Patrick won SD 7 with almost 90% of the vote. In a decent district he'd be tossed for his grandstanding or, forced to tone it down at least.

The Tribune (Now, with MORE hip eye wear!) has a sit-down with Mayor Annise Parker. It's no surprise that they didn't grill her on some of Houston's more pressing issues.

In contrast, here's a good interview of Arlene Wohglemuth by the Trib's Ross Ramsey. We are unsure if he sports hip eye wear however. (His picture on line suggest his tastes are more traditional)

Amazing how an election will do that isn't it?

You've gotta hand it to the gambling lobby, they're persistent at least.

Does a Huckabee endorsement matter in Texas politics? At the ballot box my guess is not much, but this is insider baseball so who knows?

And finally....

We give you the most anticipated audit in Texas this year. Soon to be released (and spun) by partybloggers everywhere.

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