Friday, November 19, 2010

The Noise Machine (11/19/10)

Bad media....bad....

Wayne Slater should stop with the political analysis. But hey, at least he didn't mention Karl Rove.

Of course, the Houston Press should probably try and stay away from political 'reporting' as well. Their talent, with the current roster, is more suited toward top 5 lists and Richard Connelly's bitterness anyway. (Let us keep our memories of the Press' salad days please.)

So, Perry and Bush W. don't like one another all that much. Giving them something in common with their political opponents.

Invade Mexico!?!?!? Let's not and say we did. (Somebody loan Perry a medal, he won't know the difference.)

There was a guy on Twitter going nuts over this story. Of course, he typed in all caps and couldn't Tweet without resorting to vulgarities so everyone pretty much laughed at him. (Speaking of laugh, why is it that the Texas Interleft thinks it's OK to use vulgarities that have typically been used derisively toward gay males is an OK way to attack their political opposites? I don't see the allure.)

A going away present from Cynthia Dunbar. Yeah. Thanks for that. (And good riddance)

Down with Straus!! Who, it seems, made the unforgivable mistake of not treating Democrats like dust under a boot heel, instead choosing to try and work with them in a divided House chamber to get things done. (As well as revenge for ousting Craddick, who no one liked anyway.)

I don't buy this argument. An area may lose some seniority in the Government when they elect new representatives but they don't lose their clout. An effective legislative group can restore political clout almost immediately if they're smart and do a good job representing the interests of the community. ("Clout" is code-word for we're mad the side we like lost.)

If Houston black clay is named the State's official soil does that mean that Houston will finally be "World Class"?

And finally.....

If Ken Salazar has his way the American West will become Disneyland. Unbelievable this man eh?

Enjoy your weekend.

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