Saturday, November 27, 2010

Weekend Update (11/27/10)

Stuffed.....can't move.....

The battle over red light cameras continues. The city's revenue grab could end up costing Mayor Parker a 2nd term.

Oh boy, here we go again. I can't wait until people start pulling the race card again....

Get ready for the anti-2nd Amendment groups to fire up again after this....

Tom Delay made redistricting political? Gotta love historical revisionism done in the interest of forwarding a point of view. (Redistricting has ALWAYS been political, when Democrats ruled the State they were political as well.)

A Republican speaks on Voter ID, Democrats respond. I can't think of any reason (political or otherwise) that Democrats would want to give-in on this issue. Right now their stance should be one of "vocal opposition".

The e-slate voting machines are coming back. Putting an end to the theory that whatever comes next may have the ability to provide a paper receipt.

Why is it that the Government's default response to a problem is suddenly to decrease the civil rights of everyone?

Willie arrested...Again.

And finally.....

SEC guy is the best local radio character bar none.....

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