Monday, December 20, 2010

The Noise Machine (12/20/10)

Forgive me, a head cold and the new job have thrown these off kilter for a bit.....trying to get back on the beam.

News-ish, Correction-ish? Or just hella correction?

The big losers in the last election? Hispanic Democrats. What was notable to me was the following quote:
“The most alarming thing about this election was, not only did Latinos not turn out to vote despite the fact that there were huge voter-registration campaigns going on,” says San Antonio Express-News columnist Jan Jarboe Russell, “but the gains were made in the Republican Party. We have to give [Hispanics] a reason to vote. We have to give them a public agenda to vote on.
Not that it's unusual for newspaper columnists in Texas to lean left, what is unusual is here them refer to the Democratic Party as "we".

Keep an eye on lawsuits & Texas have a long, sordid history.

I'd say that 2010 is the election that won't die but, quite honestly, this is typically how all elections eventually play out. (At least in today's over-litigious society.)

Peña for Congress? It makes sense. Especially when you consider the State GOP could draw him a fairly safe district without much trouble. (And gain another Hispanic Congressman in the meantime)

Go get that new oven NOW!

OK, so Metro cancels their non-compliant contract and throws $26 Million away while doing so. While partisan think tanks and ChronBlog focus on an unrelated $50 Million that was part of a compliant program which was going to get the money anyway. This is what happens when you don't look beyond the press release. (Which, should be expected from the partisan think-tank but not from America's worst big city daily.)

Sheriff Garcia is running for re-election. I expect he'll have a Tea Party challenger who will give him quite a run.

Meanwhile, Loren Jackson finds a job, leading to predictable reaction from the Left (YAY!!!) AND the Right (BOO!!!) As for HCA, we believe that Mr. Jackson is a good fit for the position, but feel that the hiring freeze should have been honored and not tossed aside for political insiders.

I'm not quite sure how this is going to go over. (Although I think the idea might have some merit)

And finally.....

"Small" Government Yeah....

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