Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Noise Machine (12/30/10)

Humming for the last time this year.....

Your EWWWWW moment for the end of year. Can you imagine the outrage if an O&G plant did this?

The Feds want their money. If you want something done right I guess.....

Guess who's back? Still wanting to spend more of your money believe it or not.... (Which goes back to my points made on education in an earlier post. I think we can all agree that education is a priority. Where the disagreement typically lies is in whether or not our institutions are currently giving us the best bang for the buck. White's missive does little to address this, instead borrowing Mrs. White's catapult to hurl large amounts of money at the problem.)

State Republicans behaving badly. Maybe I'm wrong, but my thought was people in Texas elected Republicans to large majorities in large part because they wanted a small, unintrusive, effective government. Instead we get infighting. (Surprised?)

And finally......

Some (clean) coal in your stocking? Sure hope so.

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