Monday, December 6, 2010

The Noise Machine (12/6/10)

Well it feels like Christmas anyway.....

Sucking up all of the oxygen will be District Judge Kevin Fine's hearing on the Death Penalty. It probably shouldn't however because Fine's inevitable ruling against the Constitutionality of such will certainly be reversed on appeal. (Judicial theater anyone?)

Parks are good. Privately funded parks that are better. (Privately funded parks with disabled access are even better still.)

I would imagine that there are better ways to cut the budget. Given the limited vision of the County Commissioners however I'm not sure there's much chance they get enacted.

If Texas Democrats are looking for a go-to guy, State Rep. Aaron Peña would be a good one to look at. His money quote:
“These are examples of what has happened, so people have become increasingly polarized. When there is no Center in the Democratic Party or when there is a diminishing Center… we have lost the business vote, we are losing the rural Hispanic vote and we have lost much of the Anglo vote. Those people are not, necessarily, hard conservatives. But, increasingly, they have lost identity with the Democratic Party.”
Thank you to the Rio Grande Guardian for the interview. Go read the entire thing.

"Perry taking his rebellion national" really sounds like a sour-grapes headline. I wouldn't call it a rebellion, more of a revival of a political thought suddenly back in favor. (What's old is new again. Funny how that works.) Houston deserves a better paper than ChronBlog.

Here's a line you don't see very often in newspapers today: Perry does the right thing. (Which he does more often than his detractors (of which I'm one) like to admit.)

Why Hutchison is considering a run in 2012 is beyond me. Her brand was irreparably damaged when Perry cast her as a Washington insider. (If only she's have bowed out four to six years ago. Hard to quit while you're on top of the dung heap however.)

How to say absolutely nothing in 800 words or less. Casey can't even write a good Municipal column, why are we expected to take him seriously on State matters?

You know things are bad in the budget when even ideas meant to be humorous are potential options.

And finally....

Remember, back during the salad days of the Abe Savaadra HISD regime, when the anti-merit pay forces were labelling the proposed HISD merit-based bonus program as ineffectual and worthless? Yeah, well....not so much. They're not a silver bullet, nothing is, but they're also not the total waste of time and money that Gayle Fallon (and others) proclaimed them to be.

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