Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The DMN drops the firewall.

The Dallas Morning News announced today that they're going to start charging for some online content....oh, and they've totally forgotten that Windows' Phone and Android devices exist.

What this means is that you'll have to fork over some greenbacks to keep playing the Wayne Slater/Karl Rove Drinking Game, follow ups to political news that's probably already been posted on a political blog, or Dallas Cowboys content that's also been previously reported on the blogs.

In short: you're still paying money for old news that's reactive instead of proactive due to massive cutbacks in the newsroom.

Oh, and the DMN understands tech about as well as ChronBlog. (Hint: hanging your hat on one platform (especially when other platforms are not only gaining ground, but threatening to pass the one you've chosen) is the digital equivalent of waving the white flag.)

On the bright side: Alcohol consumption among media watchdog types (you know, the type that would play the WS/KR drinking game) is sure to go down. Yay liver!!!

Good luck to 'em, but I just don't see what's there for significant numbers of iApple users to pay for.

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