Friday, January 7, 2011

The Noise Machine (01/07/11)

Today with 30% less noise.......

Bill King on Houston pensions. I wonder how long it takes for people to scoff at this one? mean no train to Galveston? That's not World Class!?!

The headline: Police Olympics champ catches watch thief in Woodlands....What???

The end of partisanship: That didn't last long.

Local Lefty blogger (and former Hatch Act violator)* blows the whistle on GOP free bike and turkey program for kids....Hilarity ensues. (Who says there's no fun in local politics any more? Oh, let us not forget the e-mail chain. Priceless.

And finally....

The same people who are OK with eminent domain for building Urban rail, stadiums and the like say No Way! When it comes to the oil and gas industry. (Of course, the correct answer is "No" on all accounts, but that doesn't make for a Place Called Perfect now does it?)

*Hey, he would know bout illegal partisan activity on Government property right?

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