Monday, January 17, 2011


Closing out Martin Luther King Jr Day I give you one of the greatest speeches ever delivered....

As partisans, on both sides, try and drape themselves in the ideological cloak of Dr. King listening to this speech should remind the rest of us of something very important: The dream of Dr. King won't be reached by Government fiat, but by normal, work-a-day folks refusing to play the racist hands dealt to us by those in power who cash in on their remnants.

Happy MLK day. I hope you celebrated it well.


  1. It was about Rev. King and Civil Rights marchers demanding federal protection from states rights supporters. Just as Brown V. Board and in Little Rock. Also, King died working for fair treatment public employees in Memphis. He called America a "war criminal" nation for Vietnam. You really have no idea what you talking about and you have no desire to know.

  2. I'm sorry you're so angry and so partisan that you're projecting words into what was supposed to be an honorary post to the great Dr. Martin Luther King.

    That's too bad, because if you weren't such an angry partisan (all people matter except those that disagree with you right?) Then you might have realized that Government fiat can't change what's in people's hearts and minds. Until people decide for themselves they want to change, nothing will happen.

    THAT was Dr. King's dream.

    That none of that has anything to do with what you angrily wrote is probably beyond you, but oh well.


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