Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I guess they'll choose for you?

So much for not liveral or conservative.

The last vestiges of "we connect with our readership base" got tossed out the door today as the Apple Dumpling Gang openly calls for the nanny state.

(The fat factor, The Apple Dumpling Gang, ChronBlog)
Worries about a "nanny state" intruding into traditionally private decisions seem to us to be far outweighed by the risks to our children's lives posed by all those extra pounds. The nominally libertarian view that this is people's own business is trumped by the costs of these poor choices just over the horizon for our already overburdened health care system.
Got that? Your right to choose what you want to eat is secondary to what other people think you should eat. Expand this to what you drive, what you say and what others think you are thinking and you have yourself a good, old-fashioned, non-free society.

I wonder if they'd be open to changing the National Anthem? That "land of the free" bit is a little troublesome. Might have to tear up the Constitution as well. Who needs it though, I'm sure the Apple Dumpling Gang can author a new National framework possessing only a few factual errors and arguments needing correction.

I sure hope none of them are pudgy. That'd be awkward.

Saying it again: Disband the Apple Dumpling Gang and redeploy the resources to local reporting. It's really the only sensible option.

Can we force them to stop?

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  1. Even though I disagree with it, they are taking one point to a logical conclusion: If libs are going to foist government healthcare on us, then we should hardly be surprised if libs adopt the stance that one way to reduce the collective cost of our "free" healthcare is for government to insist the comrades eat properly!

    Of course, gawd forbid if that same government they now want to intrude into our kitchen tries to intrude in our bedrooms! Or intrude on Big Abortion (my new name for the abortion industry). This ed board wouldn't want that!

    What a bunch of clowns. Their daily pronouncements have just descended into silly. Shutter the thing. Redeploy the resources.


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