Sunday, February 6, 2011

A Menu for the rest of us.....

As the Let's move! Eat Healthy campaign, spearheaded by FLOTUS Michelle Obama, ramps up it's illustrating to take a look at the Super Bowl food menu recently released by the White House:

– Bratwurst
– Kielbasa
– Cheeseburgers
– Deep Dish Pizza
– Buffalo Wings
– German Potato Salad
– Twice Baked Potatoes
– Snyders Potato Chips and Pretzels
– Chips and Dips
– Salad
– Ice Cream
– Beverages including the following beers: Hinterland Pale Ale & Amber Ale (from Wisconsin), Yuengling Lager and Light (from Pennsylvania) and White House Honey Ale.
(Courtesy of White House Superbowl menu, Political unit)

Good. They should eat nothing but junk food and beer if they want to. This is (still) America after all and nothing is MORE American than having the freedom to grill some fatty sausages, hot wings, and junk food in advance of the big game that are designed to be washed down with a couple of unhealthy beers.

Would that our political types not forget this when passing restrictive food legislation designed to prohibit others from having the same right in the name of fighting "obesity".

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