Thursday, March 31, 2011

On the wrong rail....

I found this funny.....

Ride Houston's Rails: 3 Stops for exploring H-town. Syd Kearney, Underwater in the Gulf.

That's right exploring H-Town folks!

Or, exploring 7 miles of two blocks in H-town, which is really about 1-100,000ths of the area as a whole.

A better idea would have been for Metro to ramp up bus service from Downtown to the Galleria, or to the Washington Corridor. The guys at Rev Eco-Shuttle should be thanking their lucky stars that Houston's transit agency is dysfunctional.

Of course, most Houstonians will be staying far, far away from the festivities this year, H-Town not being all that much of a College Basketball town.

All's not that bad however, ChronBlog's sole remaining asset, Allison Cook, proves again why she's the best food-writer in Houston. It's not even close now that Robb Walsh has semi-retired and is in the restaurant business.

Plus, at least the article got me paying attention to Houston's underwater publication again. I should pay more attention to them, since they still use my quote on their site that is.

Oh, and the final will be KY vs Butler. I'm pulling for Butler.

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