Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Even a blind squirrel.....

If you've read HCA for any period of time, you know by now that I'm not on the Christmas card list (or "Holiday" as they would probably say it) of David Crossley and his Houston Tomorrow Group. In my opinion they offer up some of the worst analysis in Houston, typically only eclipsed by the Apple Dumpling Gang (who shills AGAIN today to salvage their shrinking revenue stream in the name of democracy) and much of the writing on this blog. (Hey, it's free)

Occasionally however, even we have to admit when Crossley, a man who clearly hates suburbanites, the cars they drive in, and their little Republican-to-be children who are going to perpetuate this cycle, inadvertently stumbles onto a good idea. He probably didn't MEAN to of course, but stumble he did.

Corssley's call for the Tea Party to pay more attention to local issues (in the form of the Grand Parkway) was dead, bang on.

One of the weaknesses that I've always found with those who misspell signs and eschew tea is their single-minded focus on the National. Yes, Obama is an easy target. I understand this. I also understand that it's easier to set the feed reader for Fox News and Drudge Report and let the locals spend at will. When you get down to it, that's why I think the Tea Party isn't all that interested in local. Local is HARD, it takes research and work. Never mind that focusing on local issues is the single biggest way a citizen can have on government spending.

Unfortunately, Crossley will miss the boat in that his proclivity is to call for the money to be diverted to seven miles of light rail, or a walking trail that few could use or benefit from. So yeah, he's missing the biggest reason for the Tea Party's existence (ostensibly). That being said he's nailed it: The Grand Parkway boondoggle is a road that doesn't need to be built, will negatively affect the Katy Prairie, and will have little benefit to existing infrastructure. That being said, according to the most recent census results Houston-area residents are moving further and further out HWY 290.

Perhaps a better plan would be to scrap the Grand Parkway and dedicate the funds to widening that road?

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