Monday, April 25, 2011

When you don't understand the policy....'s difficult to create a credible argument.

From today's ChronBlog:

(Classes may get more students, Jennifer R. Lloyd, ChronBlog):
State representatives will take up an education bill on Tuesday that includes, among other changes, a proposal to swap the strict 22-to-one limit for a 22-student average and prohibit districts from enrolling more than 25 students per class in the early grades.

From the comments:
This_Machine_Kills_Fascists: As a 9th grade teacher, I can tell you that anything over 30 is going to severely impact the quality of education provided in a given classroom. I have a few classes in the high 20's and it makes it that much more difficult to ensure that each student's needs are met.

Emphasis mine on the above.

Looking at the bill in question it's fairly obvious that no one is threatening class sizes in the 30's. EXCEPT the teacher's union, who has a financial incentive in favor of low class sizes and more teachers on the payrolls. When you get to the high school level the argument against large class sizes becomes doubly hard to swallow. In colleges, many Freshman classes are conducted in auditoriums with student counts well into the 100's. I would argue that a larger class size for Junior and Senior level classes would help reduce the culture shock when Johnny and Jill are sent off to UT-Austin.*

From another perspective: How many kids did you have in your class growing up? I know mine was closer to 30 than it was 22. Outside of a propensity to mis-spell words and over use hyphens and adverbs I turned out OK. I'm sure you did too.

*Of course, if more professors at UT taught students instead of always conducting research........ *wink*

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