Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Some might say....

....that Houston's City government is slightly insane.

(Is Sundance deal good for Houston? Purva Patel,
The city of Houston is helping pay to remodel an art house theater in hopes of collecting a percentage of the business, even though a similar agreement with another downtown business has fallen short of expectations.
If you go read the entire article (and you should) you will see that the deal referenced in the first paragraph was Tillman Fertitta's Aquarium. I remember the howls against that at the time from the InterLeft, strange that their silent on this deal.

Of course, Sundance Theater will probably only screen "approved" films that middle-aged, Caucasian progressive's like to tell other people to attend. The Aquarium? schlock fun and food from the king of those things. Things those Republicans want to un-elect consider beneath them.

Meanwhile....about that budget...

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