Monday, July 4, 2011

Houston's leadership "wants" urban density...

...just not all of the stuff that goes along with it.

(Bars' double-decker parking raises concern. Chris Moran,

(Montrose-area residents face parking woes after popular restaurant moves in. Courtney Zubowski,

The funny thing is, that happy, Utopian dense living dream always looks good until you realize you're going to be living asshole to elbow with 6 Million plus Houstonians who will A.)be in a sour mood B.)All swear that "they've been there for years" and that their interests (i.e. the way they think things should be) should be protected over the interests of the community as a whole.

You don't hear about this urban downside in the Houston Tomrorrow workshops talking about the socio-morality of an apple or the need of plants for water. Everyone* loves the concept of dense, urban living but when you get to the ugly reality that parking sucks, people start to tune out.

*Everyone who matters in the eyes of the Houston Chronicle and Houston Tomorrow of course. That being Caucasian progressives who really just want Texas to be less than it is. You know, the cool kids.

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